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To shops

If your shop is located on the ‘tourist path’ your client will gladly purchase our inexpensive Souvenirs in memory of our city and country. Made of metal, small in size,not very expensive and skillfully crafted they can satisfy the likes of every tourist. We also take order for creating a unique city souvenir for your tourist shop.
Many of the tourists will be happy to buy a small figure of a russian soldier as a souvenir from Russia or a Roman legioner if your shop is located in Italy, for example.
The real collectors will appreciate our wide range of toy soldiers in different painting qualities. Please see Toy soldiers section.
If your customer attend your shop in search of an original present, for women we can offer small figures of their home pets, table mirror, jewelry trays and etc. and for men original gifts such as for example a mounted figure of a mdeieval knight or any other figure of our collection.
Our collection is often renovated with the new models. In case you will need to fill the shelves of your shop with the newly realesed models we will supply them to you very promptly.
Moreover, we take orders for manufacturing of the items made by our catalogue.
We also offer our production on comission by the wholesale prices. Please see the section Price-list.
Please contact our managers for further information. See Contacts.
If your shop is a unique trade mark and has got its own corporative style we can offer creation of the corporative items to decorate your shop interior or present them to your partners.

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