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For collectors and private clients

If you have not started collectying toy soldiers let us assure you-this is temporary.
Just look through our catalogue of Toy Soldiers and Top quality figures and enjoy.
If you are the head or emplyee of a company and your colleagues can’t think of an orginal present to your company’s anniversary or corporative event that they would like to present to the boss or partners – please see the catalogue of Exclusive Personal Gifts.
Here we presented the catalogue of the items made exclusively to the orders of different companies. Maybe these samples can give you original idea for your own corporative gift that can be embodied by us in metal.
Maybe your good friend or partner from another city or country is arriving? Present him a souvenir from our city. Pleasee visit Souvenirs.
In case your wife or girl-friend doesn’t hold your interests in toy soldier collection, visit the catalogue Souvenirs and you will get a unique chance to surprise her with a metal figure of her favorite dog or a stylish and trully magnificent mirror “Frog on a leaf”-the symbol of richness and success.
If you are a collector of toy-soldiers of 54 mm and 90 mm scale we will be glad to widen your collection with our works.
If you collect the figures connected with some particular historical epoque or event, build a battle-field or dioram, please see our catalogue for Toy Soldiers. Here you can find all the figures you might need.
In case you have lack of materials or time to make a dioram, we will gladly realize your ideas.
If your are skillfull enough to paint the figures yourself we can also offer our models unpainted and unassambled.
The unique character of our items is in their highly detailed painting work made on metal.
Please visit our catalogue of Top quality figures.
We can offer you the works of our most skillful painters who perform the work for special orders and whose painting skills was acknowledged by the most important specialized shows all over the world.
Our painters will take into account all your comments and wishes on the figure’s painting.
If it happened so that you didn’t find what you were looking for, please see the page Painted Kits.
Here you can find a wonderful collection of the kits (unpainted models) created by the most significant European manufacturers from Spain and Italy and painted by the most talented painters of Niena Studio.
We cooperate with Andrea Miniatures, Pegaso Models, Soldiers, Romeo, MasterClass and etc.
In case you would like to create your own unique model that will be only in your collection, our proffessional sculptors will perform this work for you.
And the last point!
If you have all the figures from our catalogue you needed, don’t forget the visit our page last catalogue updates – it is continually filled with the newly released models.

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