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Welcome to the official site of Niena Studio!

For dealers and wholesale customers we have the system of discounts and special offers. Our price list shows куефшд prices. For wholesales, shops, and big order we have wholesales prices and discount.(Please Contact Us to get the information).
For stores and official dealers we can offer a contract. Please contact us for more information about the contract system.
Our company’s policy requires a 100% prepayment for the orders (it is caused by the peculiarities of the work). The work is started right after the payment is delivered to our account. Please contact us if you have some questions.
Your order will be completed in the shortest possible time depending on the size of the order. Shipping time depends on the shipping service chosen. We give priorities to the rush orders.Please see the page How to order.
For the shops we can offer convenient and safe ways of packing the goods. By dealer request the items can be packed in separate boxes that show the item numbers. The delivery of our items is always safe!

Россия, Санкт-Петербург,
Набережная реки Волковки, 9.
Тел./факс: +7 (812) 712-80-70
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